DIGYCODE launches its app to facilitate the purchase of cryptocurrencies in local stores

Buy bitcoins between two small errands. For several years now the company Digital services AND your DIGYCODE offer offered cryptocurrency coupons that could be purchased at many local stores. From now on, the DIGYCODE service is further enhanced by having its own application for mobile phone.

Ever easier access to cryptocurrencies

At the beginning of March 2024, a French crypto-company Digital services has notification launch your new app DIGICODE for its cryptocurrency purchase service, which is available for Apple and Android smartphones.

The DIGYCODE app allows users to buy cryptoassets in thousands of points of sale in France according to a press release (“5,000 local businesses so far”). These purchases can be made directly with species (from €1) or any other payment method accepted by the point of sale.

Digital assets can also be acquired through this application shops between them. bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Thesis (XTZ), Avalanche (AVAX) and several dozen other cryptocurrencies can be purchased very easily.

DIGYCODE combines digital assets and local businesses

Created in 2016 in Toulouse, Digital Service Group is a pioneer in digital assets, registered as PSAN (digital asset service provider) at the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) from 2021.

In addition to DIGYCODE, which aims to democratize access for digital assets, this French group has also created a broker Zebitcoin and exchange Zebitex.

“DIGYCODE represents a new era of digital finance and will attempt to reconcile traditional finance and digital assets. (…) We are happy to make life easier for future buyers and our users by opening the DIGYCODE application to local services, while at the same time participating in the transformation of the model of these businesses by offering additional services. »

Alexandre de Sagazan, CEO of Digital Service Group

It is a certainty Bitcoin adoption continues at a rapid pacewhether at level traditional finance or in everyday life, like here with DIGYCODE and local stores. There are no more excuses not to get your first crypto assets because everything is done are increasingly simplifying their approach.

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