SMOG, Solana meme coin price analysis and prediction

The meme coin sector continues to attract a lot of interest from investors, as evidenced by the success of the new wave of projects launched on Solana. In this selection, we can find projects such as BONK or SMOG in particular. We will talk about the latter in this article and evaluate both the development of its price and its growth capacity in the medium term.

An impressive 190% increase in the last seven days

In the context of the booming crypto market, the new meme coin SMOG breaks all records. Blockchain based SolanaThis project has met with extraordinary success among investors and industry enthusiasts Web3.

Following on from its success SMOG displays the unit price $0.3253 after the increase 5.49% per day period. We also observe progression 190% for the past seven days. Market capitalization SMOG recently exceeded $250 million milestonewhich highlights that the market’s appetite for funny tokens is still strong.

Like many the same cornersTHE SMOG draws its power from very active community base and significant enthusiasm on social networks.

Airdrop and rise in SMOG

This shopping frenzy that benefits from price SMOG it is mainly connected with the implementation of a massive airdrop campaign by the project management team. Total offer SMOG is set to 1.39 billion tokens of which 35% will be accepted for financing airborne campaign.

Thanks to this strategy, the management team of SMOG aims to attract the attention of as many investors as possible.

Weekly SMOG meme coin price chart
SMOG Price Weekly Chart — Source: CoinMarketCap

The success of meme coins in the Solana ecosystem

THE SMOG is part of the new wave of meme coins on the Solana ecosystemin which we find especially BONK AND dogwifhat (WIF), both of which base their visual theme on Dogecoin. The two projects have seen the same upward trajectory as the project SMOG before they really exploded when listed on Binance.

Thanks to its favorable position within the ecosystem SolanaTHE SMOG may be another token that will benefit from being listed on Binance, according to many Web3 industry enthusiasts. A possible listing on the largest trading platform in terms of trading volume ($31 billion in the last 24 hours) could act as a catalyst and drive the price SMOG at stratospheric levels.

On their part, market capitalization BONK AND dogwifhat develop or 2.06 AND $2.12 billion. This means that same corner it benefits from a large amplitude of growth if we consider that it will follow a path similar to these two projects in terms of listing.

However, it must be emphasized that the meme coin market has a character highly volatile and that informed investors will not hesitate to take a position with a degree of caution.

⚠ This article is published for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice.

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